ULF 1 Technical Data

Type description ULF-1, foot-launched sailplane
Type responsibility Dieter Reich
Take-off by Foot launch (down hill), rubber cord (down hill),
hang glider winch tow, car tow, air tow (trike)
Wing Cantilever structure. Shoulder mounted, single wooden spar, plywood nose section, and wooden ribs, fabric covered.
Wing section Wortmann FX 63-137, 18% thick at root, and 15% thick at tip. Spoiler on upper wing surface.
Fuselage Wooden frame of triangular cross section,
fabric covered
Tail Cantilever structure, fabric covered
Landing Gear Nose skid, centre wheel, tail-skid (fibre glass tube)
Accommodation Sliding seat, open or closed cockpit
Rescue system Fuselage integrated, consisting of parachute,
release unit, pull-out rocket
Instruments Air speed indicator, rate of climb indicator, altimeter
Dimensions Wing span
Wing chord at root
Wing chord at tip
Wing aspect ratio
Length overall
Tail plane span
10.40 m
1.53 m
1.07 m
5.55 m
2.90 m
34.12 ft
5.02 ft
3.51 ft

18.21 ft
9.51 ft
Areas Wing gross
Vertical tail
Horizontal tail
13.4 m²
1.5 m²
2.4 m²
144.18 sq.ft
16.14 sq.ft
25.82 sq.ft
Masses Mass empty
(without rescue system)
Max. take-off mass
55 kg

155 kg
121 lbs

342 lbs
Ultimate Structural
Load Factors

6 g
4 g
Performance Best glide ratio

Min. sink speed
Min. speed
Max. speed (VNE)
16 bei 55 km/h
0,8 m/s
33 km/h
80 km/h
34 mph

157 fpm
21 mph
50 mph


General Arrangement