ULF 2Technical Data

Type description ULF-2, single seat ultralight motor glider
Type responsibility Dieter Reich
Wing Cantilever wing, single built-up wooden spar, plywood nose section, built-up wood ribs, fabric covered. Wing section: WORTMANN FX 63-137,
18 % thick at root, 15 % thick at tip. Spoiler on upper wing surface.
Fuselage Wood frame of multi-corner cross section;
oval plywood spine; covered with fabric
Tail Cantilever structure, fabric covered
Landing Gear Main gear: One piece GFC-spring; wheel brakes.
Tail gear: GFC-spring, wheel is pedal controlled
Propulsion 24 kW, two Cylinder (horizontally opposed),
4-Stroke CITROËN-VISA car engine,
belt driven reduction gear, 2 to 3 blade propeller, 1.6 m diameter. Aluminium fuel tank behind firewall, 33 litre capacity
Pilot Accommodation Single 33 deg. reclined GFC seat, open or closed windshield, cockpit width: 54 cm (21,3 inch)
Rescue system Fuselage integrated, consisting of parachute,
electric ignition box, pull-out rocket
Instruments Air speed indicator, rate of climb indicator, altimeter
Dimensions Wing span
Wing root chord length
Wing tip chord length
Wing aspect ratio
Overall length
Horiz. tail span
11 m
1.51 m
1.07 m
6.25 m
2.6 m
36.09 ft
4.95 ft
3.51 ft

20.51 ft
8.53 ft
Areas Wing
Vertical tail
Horizontal tail
13.9 m²
1.33 m²
2.02 m²
149.56 sq.ft
14.31 sq.ft
21.47 sq.ft
Masses Mass empty
(without rescue system)
Max. take-off mass
210 kg

323 kg
463 lbs

712 lbs
Ultimate Structural
Load Factors

6 g
3 g
Performance Max. speed (VNE) Cruising speed (VCR)
Economical cruising speed
Minimum speed
Minimum sink speed (power-off)
Maximum L/D
Take-off ground run distance
Maximum rate of climb
Fuel consumption at 100 km/h
140 km/h
120 km/h

100 km/h
50 km/h

1.1 m/s


80 m
3.0 m/s

4.0 l/h
87 mph
75 mph

62 mph
31 mph

215 fpm

260 ft
600 fpm

1.06 U.S.gal
Noise ICAO Annex 16, Chapt. 10 55 dB(A)


General Arrangement